Australian Expat to Repat

Is your career
ready for life
back in Australia?

We help Australians get their careers back insync with the Australian market after years living overseas with tailored programs, resources and events.

Our Approach

We’ve got you covered with:

resources to get you thinking
programs for tailored support
a professional network to connect with

I’m back

And ready to go.

I’ve got
a plan

Tickets are booked.

I’m thinking about it

No immediate plans, just thinking.

I’m an organisation

And manage employees coming home.

What we offer

Free Resources

Webinars, career transition audits, blogs and news articles, the Boomeranging podcast and more.

Events & Workshops

Regular career management workshops, guest speaker networking and casual drinks events.

Tailored Programs

One-on-one coaching for individuals and tailored programs for organisations managing global talent.


Regular updates from Australian jobs market

Insights from the job market, profiles of returned repats, upcoming webinars and events.

Upcoming Events

Free Webinar: Career Repatriation
Tuesday 13th August 2024
10am AEST

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