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Now in its 5th season, Boomeranging (from expat to repat) features over 30 interviews with Aussie expats who have successfully navigated their career and life back home.

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Tips and insights from Margot Andersen and other Australian job and career specialists to help you better understand the latest challenges and opportunities for your career back home.

2022 Expat Job Survey

We surveyed 450 Australian expats, both returned and still living overseas about the role job plays in the decision to come home. You can read all their insights in the report ‘Should I stay or should I go’.

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News about the Australian job market and Aussie expats to keep you up to date.

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Free 60-minute career repatriation webinar with other repats to better prepare for your transition.

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News and resources from other organisations that specifically support Australian expats-repeats and their careers.