Accelerated Search

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Accelerated Search is specifically designed to provide senior professionals and executives a renewed focus on their search for permanent and interim employment in the Australian market.

With statistics suggesting that up to 85% of today’s roles are never publicly advertised, the need for a well-considered search strategy is particularly important for those who have been building their career offshore. As a returning expat your greatest challenge is often a lack of visibility. How do you identify these roles and how easily seen are you to those who are making these hiring decisions? To successfully navigate this hidden job market, you will need to know how to clearly link your international experience with the local market, grow and leverage your networks in a genuine manner, recognise and uncover potential opportunities, and tailor your approach to engage meaningfully.

This program is best suited to those who:

Have a clear view on what they are looking for and where they fit within the Australian market
Are seeking support to execute their career strategy and personal marketing plan
Are actively engaged with the market but frustrated by the lack of traction
Are ready to commence in an Australian based opportunity in the immediate to short term future

Program Content:

A review your profile (bio) and resume to ensure it is applicable to your target employers (including online profile
A review of any perceived and real challenges that you are having to overcome, as well as the identification of tactics to help you overcome these challenges
A review of your search activity undertaken so far and a subsequent gap analysis
Re-evaluation of your positioning statements so as to strengthen the soft skills required to promote yourself effectively
Coaching to better maximise telephone enquiries, networking meetings and interviews
A review of your professional network and suggestions on how to expand it and maximise opportunities for engagement
Cross reference of relevant search and recruitment firms for your occupation group
Identification of additional preferred employers, including key contact points and suggested points of engagement

Program Delivery:

Commencing with an initial assessment, including a repatriation audit, this four week program is delivered through weekly consulting sessions with open email and phone access between sessions.

Program Inclusions:

In addition to the coaching sessions, workbooks, templates and resources will be provided to support outcomes. Personalised introductions to the Insync community and our broader network will also be provided as and where appropriate.

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