Career Portfolio

Creating multiple career opportunities.

Offering tailored advice, this program will help you decide if a portfolio career is the right decision for you and to build a transition pathway that leverages your international experience and abilities in line with your personal drivers.

Portfolio careers are fast becoming the career choice for many experienced executives who are in the midst of a global transition. Offering an extension to an already successful corporate career, a portfolio career offers you the option to pursue multiple opportunities and revenue streams whilst providing job variety, independence and lifestyle flexibility.

However establishing a successful portfolio career can be challenging and will often take longer than many anticipate. Like the ‘standard’ global career transition, many executives are challenged by a lack of visibility of the local employment market and a lack of relevant professional networks. Coupled with the need to translate your internal employee experience to a new way of working, these challenges can be compounded by the need to define your service offering and positioning to a smaller and more networked market.

Program Fit

Experienced executives seeking an alternative to permanent full time work
Leadership experience in transformation and turnaround environments
A degree of financial freedom and lifestyle flexibility

Program Content

Explores ‘typical’ portfolio career components including governance and advisory boards, interim executive opportunities, consulting, project management, volunteer work and new business ventures
Reviews your career pathway to date to examine degrees of professional and personal fulfilment and identify individual considerations to help you determine if a portfolio career is the right choice for you
Examines your personal and professional skillset, knowledge along with any needs, interests and ambitions and how this aligns to a portfolio career in the Australian market  
Explores the key personal attributes required for a portfolio career – including resilience and lifestyle considerations
Reviews new business ideas, strategies and networks required to support the development and commercialisation of business
Review of any perceived and/or real challenges that you are having to overcome, as well as the identification of tactics to help you move forward
Review of  relevant career tools such as bios, resumes, case studies and online profiles and advice on how to best tailor for the various portfolio career options
Evaluates your positioning statements so as to strengthen the soft skills required to promote yourself effectively and manage interview and networking scenarios
Creates a structured roadmap to support you investigate potential future pathways
Identification and assessment of current market opportunities in line with your identified preferences
A review of your professional network and suggestions on how to expand it and maximise opportunities for engagement (including re-engagement if appropriate). We will also overlay our network with yours to maximise opportunities.
Coaching to better maximise immediate opportunities, stakeholder engagement, networking and interview and negotiation processes

Program Delivery

As a fully customisable program our career portfolio program is available as a three, six or twelve month option and can be built to meet your individual needs, timeframe and budget. Once your key priorities are identified, fortnightly or monthly strategy meetings are conducted with open access offered via email and phone in between sessions.

Program Inclusions

In addition to the coaching sessions, workbooks, templates and resources will be provided to support outcomes. Personalised introductions to the Insync community and our broader network will also be provided as and where appropriate.

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