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Are you an expat who is curious about what it takes to successfully manage your career transition before you repatriate? 
Have you recently returned ‘home’  and now have more questions than before you left? 

For many expats who have been out of Australia for five, ten or more than 20 years, coming home to Australia can almost feel like starting again. 
Knowing how to clearly articulate your global experience, identify opportunities and engage with your network is critical to a smooth return. 

Join our founder, Margot Andersen, for this workshop series designed to provide you with practical frameworks, tools and tips for managing your career transition. 

Each virtual workshop is 90 minutes and will not only provide you with the necessary insights, but also the opportunity to ask questions and meet fellow repats on the same journey.

You can choose to complete one or all six of the workshops based on your needs and preferences.

Career Clarity

Regardless of whether you are looking to remain in a similar role, change careers or want to target new opportunities, this session will provide you with a framework to build clarity and support your positioning and networking. (This stage is especially important before you engage with recruiters/hiring managers and your professional network).

Localise Your CV

Designed to help you prepare your CV for the local Australian market. We will provide you with tools and templates to help you capture the breadth and depth of your experience established overseas in a way that is relevant and of interest for local opportunities.

Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile

This session is focused on your LinkedIn and online profile, ensuring it is read for an Australian job search. You will leave with tips to localise your profile for the Australian market, tools to maximise your online visibility and ideas for using digital platforms to proactively engage with local networks.

Positioning: Localise Your International Story

Using a simple to use framework, this session is designed to help you get your positioning right for the Australian job market. You will leave with confidence to create your new local elevator pitch and advice on how to localise your international experience for network meetings, recruiters and hiring managers.

Create Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Your CV and LinkedIn profile might be up to date, but many expats who have been out of the market for many years find they do not know where to start when it comes to engaging with the employment market. This session will help you develop a framework for mapping the market, building your intel and managing your approach.

Expand Your Network

For expats who have been working overseas for many years, re-establishing your career in Australia without a current or active network can be daunting. This session will provide you with hints and tips on how to strategically engage with your former network and build new networks at home in Australia – both before you’ve touched down and once you’ve landed.

Workshop Details

Program Delivery
All workshops are delivered via zoom. Once you have registered your interest you will receive the links and reminders to each workshop ahead of time.

You can choose to participate in one or all sessions with a discount applied should you wish to purchase the bundle. If you would like to catch up on past workshops, simply purchase the bundle and we will send you a recording of sessions missed along with the supporting resources.

Program Inclusions
Each workshop is supported with templates, worksheets and relevant resources to support you taking action. A recording of each session will be provided along with follow up resources.

Program Investment
Network Group please visit our website here.

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