Andrew Tiernan

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It took three attempts and a career 180 for Andrew Tiernan to move home to Australia after 18 years overseas but despite the bumpy role to get to Melbourne he says he is now ‘in the right place’.

He has gone from a career working in financial services across Asia and Canada to the CEO of his own tech platform start-up signing its first clients.  His partner has found his career sweet spot and together they are carving out a great life in Melbourne, despite neither living there before. 

They believe ‘the adventure doesn’t have to stop’, proving you can take expats out of the adventure, but you can’t never take the sense of adventure out of the expat.

Andrew speaks about a couple of key factors behind his eventual success; a shifting mindset about his career, making sure his partner was equally invested in the move and asking for help from his friends and network.

We talk a lot about the role his network, past and new, has played in not only helping Andrew with career decisions but on supporting his business. 

This episode is a great reminder of the power of networks and the opportunity that can unfold if you just ask for help.

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