Margot Andersen

Angella Clarke-Jervoise

When Angella left Australia at aged 29, she knew she would be gone longer than two years.  With expat parents and grandparents, a life overseas was always on the cards. But she didn’t know it would be 22 years. Or that her time overseas would include 13 years in Bahrain.

Leonora Roccisano

Leonora was extremely excited when she landed in Hong Kong. A dynamic, exciting and unique place with family connections it had the potential to be her forever home.

But in 2021 Covid made Leonora feel uncomfortably isolated from family and confirmed for her that Australia was where she wanted to base herself.

James Bingham

When James Bingham the IT Project Manager left for London in 2014, little did he know that he would come back to Australia almost 8 years later with a new career in an industry that to this day, you can’t do a degree or course in.