Margot Andersen

Marianne Matin

Marianne Matin’s international life began when she joined the British Diplomatic Service in 1988, which kickstarted a career that has seen her work for more than ten organisations and live in six countries on four continents. Originally joining to use her languages (Spanish and French) and essentially to get paid to travel, Marianne spent the […]

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Ian Griffiths

“I could have remained in Australia and taken a safer, predictable career path,” says Ian Griffiths, reflecting on the beginning of his global journey, which he embarked on some 25 years ago. “But I have always had an adventurous spirit and viewed the offer as a great ‘life’ opportunity.” This particular offer Ian refers to

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Julia van Graas

Julia van Graas’s career commenced in Australia before following a well-trodden path by many Aussies, moving to London where she spent four and a half years enjoying a soaring career trajectory, working as a director at global consulting firm, AlixPartners. While based out of the UK, she spent 18 months in the Netherlands, a six

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