Marianne Matin’s international life began when she joined the British Diplomatic Service in 1988, which kickstarted a career that has seen her work for more than ten organisations and live in six countries on four continents.

Originally joining to use her languages (Spanish and French) and essentially to get paid to travel, Marianne spent the next 12 years on the move, with postings to Greece, Pakistan, Russia and the US. During this time she didn’t use either of her languages or drink a G&T or Martini – however – she did get bombed, attacked, promoted and married along the way, and also learnt Greek.

Reflecting on her international journey, she shares the sense of pragmatism and romanticism about life abroad that will be familiar to many repatriates, having loved the challenge, the people, the variety, the drama and the glamour that came with life overseas.

Having married an Australian she met during her time abroad, Marianne relocated to Melbourne and shares her global story through the eyes of an international spouse and couple who were faced with the decision of who’s country to return ‘home’ too.

Marianne has developed a highly successful career in Australia as an accomplished HR/OD/Change professional. She is currently designing and leading a large scale integration for AIA Insurance (AIA Vitality) as part of its $3.8 billion acquisition of CommInsure and Sovereign Insurance in New Zealand.