Margot Andersen

Andrea Barton

The stories of accompanying expats, often go untold. When Andrea Barton’s husband was offered a relocation to Lagos, Nigeria, she was forced to think about her career and how to reshape it. Throwing herself initially into community initiatives Andrea explored her passion for writing and storytelling.

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Adam Malouf

Having already repatriated once before, Adam knew it was going to take more than a couple of calls to recruiters and a scan of the jobs page in the weekend paper to land the right opportunity. Determined to return with a role, Adam set about putting together a plan to leverage his networks.

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Chelsea Guy

When Chelsea Guy came back from Tokyo, and the work experience of the lifetime, she found she had still a pay cheque but didn’t have a role.

Chelsea had worked her way through various marketing roles at Toyota when there was an opportunity to put her hand up for a coveted secondment. Her assignment – digital marketing to support Toyota’s sponsorship of the Tokyo Olympics.

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