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For six years prior to annus horribilis, Bridget John had been living a globally nomadic life between home bases in France, Morocco and Australia.

She balanced work as a freelance brand consultant with building her vintage Moroccan textiles business all from the road. It was a lifestyle she had curated for herself borne from her love of travel and living overseas.  Bridget’s experiences living abroad included living in England as a child and in her 20s and moving to the Basque Coast of France in 2015 with Quiksilver as the Global Trade Marketing Director at their global headquarters.

After a few years of carrying her career and laptop across Europe and Australia, she finally set up a home in Marrakech in 2019.

A ‘quick trip’ home to Melbourne in February 2020 for two weeks to visit family has turned into an extended stay and a total re-think of her business and life on the other side of the world.

Bridget shares how she pivoted her business back here in Australia, while packing up an apartment in Morocco remotely, and her hopes for positive change within the digital nomad community.