John Versace

Apt Wealth

Career, lifestyle and financial goals are all linked and so is the planning.  John Versace is a financial planner at Apt Wealth and leads their expat practice. For the last six years he has talked to Australian expats every day in all corners of the globe, expats carving out careers in tech, medical fields, advertising, entertainment…even a few vets!

Australian expats come to John and his team at various stages of the ‘coming home’ process and while the initial inquiry is often financial, work and lifestyle tend to dominate the early conversations.  Knowing where someone is in their career and understanding a person’s lifestyle expectations are critical to John to understand an individual expat’s financial needs.

In this podcast, John shares conversations he is having with expats right now around career, lifestyle and financial goals and the trends he is seeing when it comes it comes to work back in Australia.

He also shares the common misconceptions many expats have about their finances coming home and when is the best time to start planning the move – both for the sake of your finances and your career.