Leonora Roccisano

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Leonora was extremely excited when she landed in Hong Kong.  A dynamic, exciting and unique place with family connections it had the potential to be her forever home.

But in 2021  Covid made Leonora feel uncomfortably isolated from family and confirmed for her that Australia was where she wanted to base herself.

But she didn’t just flick the switch and jump on the next flight home.

That would be too risky for this risk professional.

She took the same structured approach that she has used to manage a career in risk and financial services, to managing her move home both professionally and personally.

In short, Leonora treated finding a job, like a job and six months later found herself juggling opportunities for employment, business and a board role with a not for profit.

For those expat-repats who find comfort in structure, she is a great example of how to build your own confidence in your move back home – by using the skills you already have.

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