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If you were an Aussie living overseas who managed to navigate your way home during COVID, chances are you are very familiar with the Aussie Expats Coming Home Facebook page and its founder LJ Ferrara.

What started as a group to help LJ navigate her own journey home in 2018 after 20 years overseas, became a vital source of information and support for thousands of Australians trying to get home during COVID.

At many points during the pandemic, LJ and her community were providing answers to expats and their questions faster than what they could source from public and government channels.  The power of this community saw it swell in numbers almost overnight.

In this episode, we explore how LJ and her expat community helped Aussies during this time and how the community today is supporting expats navigating the logistics of coming home.  With planning to come home often intrinsically linked to securing a job back in Australia, we talk about how long LJ thinks expats should be allowing for the transition.

And here’s a hint for expat dog owners, 6 months is not enough!