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Insync Network Group and Boomeranging founder Margot Andersen tells her story in this special podcast episode.

Margot spent seven years living in London, six more than she thought.  In that time, she travelled, worked as a teacher and then switched her career into management consulting in the education sector. When she was offered the next step up in her career, she decided to come home instead.

Fast forward a few years and it was when she was presenting career management and leadership programs that the light bulb for the Insync Network Group went off.  Each of her training sessions included her repat story.  She found it was her story that made her a magnet for any expat or repat in the audience who wanted to know ‘how she did it’.

Like many repats, Margot had come home not only without a job but with a career path that didn’t really exist in Australia. After a few bumpy months, she found a kindred expat spirit with whom she worked for and later helped start a business before starting her own.  She counts herself lucky to fall into a group of friends who had all recently returned from overseas, so had shared a similar experience.

Margot realised it was the sense of ‘connection’ which makes the difference in how well repats cope with being home.  With no other support group exclusively for repats in Australia, she decided to start her own.

In this podcast, Margot talks about her decade of experience working with repats and expats and the experiences, both shared and unique that can shape the experience of coming home.  She reflects on the guests in the first series and those lined up for the second series, many of whom have returned home due to COVID.  Margot also previews the plans for the Insync Network Group in 2021.