Survey Insights: Do I Stay Or Do I Go?

“80% of people have never been approached by an Australian recruiter or hiring manager … and with 80% of Aussies saying they will come home, we have a huge cohort of talent that is open and ready to hear about opportunities.”

In this special podcast episode Margot and Simone chat about the findings of their recent Australian Expat Career Survey and the release of the report ‘Should I stay or should or I go?’  that explored the role work and job plays in an Expat’s decision to come home.

With 450 Australians answering the call to take part, they share their 5 key take-aways along with some insights on who took part, how long they’ve been away, what expat’s experiences with recruiters and hiring managers has really been like and just how long the average Aussie spends planning their move home.

They also talk about how expats can use these findings to support the planning of their return and how mobility professionals who work for organisations managing global workforces can support the repatriation process.

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Survey Insights: Do I Stay Or Do I Go?