Wage Reis

Women in Data & Analytics (WAD)

Data and tech.  It is hard to find a skill and an industry in higher demand right now.  So when Wage Reis came home in March 2020 after two years working for Facebook in London working with the world’s largest advertising agencies she too was confident that having this juggernaut brand on her CV would at least start some conversations.

Only it didn’t. After six months of reacquainting with family and sending her CV to 20 recruiters and struggling to get even a phone call returned, she realised getting a job back home was going to be much harder than she originally thought.

Most Australian expats like Wage are coming home to a much smaller market – few see any advantages.  However fast forward 18 months and Wage has worked out how to turn Australia’s smaller size to her advantage.

Wage is now working for a London-listed, global company and has founded the Women in Data and Analytics community.  And she does this from, well, anywhere she likes.  This globe trotter is now an Australian-based digital nomad who has made Brisbane, the Whitsundays and Melbourne her office in the last year.

Find out how Wage turned 12 months of feeling like an imposter in her own country to re-igniting her global career and creating opportunities that she now admits, she could never have done in London.